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The Codebox Story

CodeBox Electronic Lockboxes were developed due to the demand from Real Estate Professionals needing a Less Expensive, More Secure lockbox system. No long-term, restrictive contracts makes CodeBox a great lockbox solution for any individual, broker’s office, MLS Association or Property Management Group.

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CodeBox offers many SECURE features. The reinforced shackle, single use, limited timeframe code for each showing, backlit keypad and ability to retrieve access history are solid components that make CodeBox the secure lockbox choice for you.



The DEPENDABLE ease of using CodeBox simplifies the life of Real Estate Professionals. There are no key-cards, syncing or charging devices needed to manage this lockbox system.



CodeBox has NO minimum quantity purchase, NO long-term restrictive contracts and is 40 – 60% LESS EXPENSIVE than competing digital lockboxes.