CodeBox digital keyboxes serve a major need for contractors, appraisers, inspectors, pet sitters, cleaning services, and in-home healthcare providers (and more!) who need either long-term or short-term access to a property.

CodeBox keybox associates each serial number with a property, so keyboxes are easily tracked and do not go missing at the end of a project.

More secure than combination lockboxes purchased from your local hardware store, yet offered at a fraction of the price of digital lockboxes.

Provide customers with peace of mind, providing them with information of when you accessed their home through CodeBox's "history" feature.


The easiest, most efficient lockbox system I've used. I can generate codes from my phone for my maintenance team and know what time they get to the property.

Greg P. - Property Manager

I love CodeBox because it's as affordable as a combination lockbox, but with the security of an electronic lockbox.

Tina S. - Realtor

For guest lockouts or after-hours arrival, my agents don't have to drive out to the property, we can just send a code to access the keys.

Paul A. - Vacation Rental Manager

I use CodeBox on my real estate listings, on my vacation rental units and on my own home. My teenagers lose their house keys all the time.

Mike B. - Realtor & Property Manager