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CodeBox digital lockbox solutions come in a variety of sizes and models so that no matter your need, we have you protected.

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No restrictive, long-term contracts. No synching, charging or key card needed. Safe and secure single use, limited time codes for Self-Showing properties. Lighted keypads and weather resistant design make CodeBox perfect for a number of industries.

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& Brokers

CodeBox digital lockboxes are great for either an individual agent, an entire brokerage, or even Self-Showing listings. CodeBox was originally developed for Real Estate professionals requesting a less expensive, more secure lockbox solution.

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CodeBox is a perfect solution for Vacation Rentals. The code generation technology and weather-resistant design provide convenient, secure access for both renters and vendors.

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CodeBox is a perfect solution for Property Managers, providing not only security but also a clean, organized system for multiple units or properties. No more hunting for keys when vendors or potential renters need access!

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CodeBox digital keyboxes serve a major need for contractors, pet sitters, cleaning services, and in-home healthcare providers who need either long-term or short-term access to a property.

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CodeBox digital lockboxes are a smart solution to add security and store keys for areas such as server rooms, demarcation points, substations, and more – keeping them safe and secure.

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The easiest, most efficient lockbox system I've used. I can generate codes from my phone for my maintenance team and know what time they get to the property.

Greg P. - Property Manager

I love CodeBox because it's as affordable as a combination lockbox, but with the security of an electronic lockbox.

Tina S. - Realtor

For guest lockouts or after-hours arrival, my agents don't have to drive out to the property, we can just send a code to access the keys.

Paul A. - Vacation Rental Manager

I use CodeBox on my real estate listings, on my vacation rental units and on my own home. My teenagers lose their house keys all the time.

Mike B. - Realtor & Property Manager

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How Codebox Works

SECURE. Each CodeBox keybox is identified through a unique serial number. The serial number is entered into your showing, or access, instructions when selecting CodeBox as your keybox of choice through one of our many integration partners. When you, or the person needing access (it can be configured however you wish), accesses the system to generate a code, it is good for a two-hour window of time. Need longer-term access? No worries – CodeBox can do that, too! Access codes expire after their set access window – which means no code sharing, which equals added security for you! Our code generation technology allows for years of unique code generation.

DEPENDABLE. Available in multiple weather-resistant sizes, and in both door-mount and wall-mount versions, CodeBox keyboxes are perfect for a number of industries and uses.  Plus, our battery-operated design means no pesky charging devices are necessary, either.

AFFORDABLE. CodeBox is 40-60% less expensive than competing keyboxes. Even better, CodeBox requires no restrictive contracts or minimum purchases.