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CodeBox Electronic Lockboxes were developed due to the demand from Real Estate Professionals requesting a Less Expensive, More Secure LockBox system without long-term restrictive contracts. With no syncing or charging device needed, and with lighted keypad and weather resistant design it is a perfect lock box for Real Estate professionals.



  • Numerous keys
  • Card access Holder

Codebox Jr


  • 1-2 Single Keys
  • Compact, works in more areas

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Perfect for Property & Vacation Rental Managers

CodeBox is a perfect solution for Property Managers and Vacation Rental Managers. The code generation technology provides secure access for your vendors, inspection services or potential renters.

  • Secure Vendor Access: A new code can be generated for each vendor and the date and time of access are recorded, providing you with information of when the vendor accessed the property.
  • Hassle-Free Access for Renters: Gone are the days of needing to meet renters with keys. CodeBox lockbox systems are a great solution for transferring/exchanging keys between rental hosts such as Airbnb and HomeAway and their guests.
  • Put CodeBox to use by making it a permanent outdoor fixture perfect for storing spare house keys or granting contractors access. CodeBox is proudly integrated with ShowMojo, PM Toolbelt, Tenant Turner and Rent Master.

    Affiliate Member of NARPM and VRMA.


Improved Accessibility for Agents & Brokers

Developed due to the demand from Real Estate Professionals requesting a less expensive, more secure LockBox system without long-term restrictive contracts, CodeBox is a digital lockbox solution for either an individual agent, or entire broker’s office.

  • No keycards, syncing or charging devices needed. CodeBox operates from a standard 9-Volt alkaline or lithium battery.
  • Single use, limited timeframe code for each showing. Each CodeBox offers 15 years of unique codes for use, offering security and dependability to your clients.
  • Our secure, low cost system is so flexible that your entire MLS has the ability to roll out the system in stages, or as your organization is finishing out an existing lockbox contract, allowing for a seamless transition.
  • Set your office apart from others by branding your CodeBox Lockboxes with your office logo. Distinguish yourself from those competitors and make a statement to current and future clients.

CodeBox is proudly integrated with Centralized Showing Service.


Convenience for Contractors, Cleaning Services & More

CodeBox solves a major need for contractors, pet sitters, cleaning services, appraisers, and inspectors.

  • CodeBox lockbox systems associate each serial number with a property, so lockboxes are easily tracked and do not go missing at the end of a project.
  • More secure than combination lockboxes purchased from your local hardware store.
  • Provide customers with peace of mind, providing them with information of when you accessed their home.

How it works


CodeBox Set Up

The owner of each CodeBox will set their own secure codes; Master/Agent Code and Shackle Code. Using the unique Master/Agent code, they set the parameters of the CodeBox.

When ready to use CodeBox, ensure your CodeBox is activated and the appropriate serial number is associated to a listing (this process will vary dependent upon which scheduling/showing service is used).


Provide Secure Code

The agent/prospect schedules appointment to view or access property. They are then provided with a four (4) digit code for access

This code for access is provided by the scheduling company of your choice (see our list of integration partners), the CodeBox self-service portal at , or our App on your smart phone or tablet.


Use Secure Code

The prospect will arrive at the property; enter the secure four (4) digit access code, press “enter” and will be instructed to open the CodeBox door for key retrieval. Prospects will replace the key in the CodeBox.

Each code expires after a set time, disallowing further access to the property, offering peace of mind to the owner.