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Q:What is CodeBox?

A: CodeBox is an electronic lockbox system designed to simplify the life of a REALTOR. Our company provides low cost, secure lockboxes that integrate with showing services, or work with your scheduling office. NO long-term restrictive contracts, key cards or charging devices are needed.

Q:How does CodeBox work?

A:CodeBox is identified through its own serial number. The serial number is entered into your showing instructions when selecting CodeBox as your lockbox of choice. The buying agent schedules an appointment to show your listing, they are provided with a four (4) digit, one time use, daily access code.

Q:How does the prospect access the CodeBox?

A:The showing agent schedules the showing, the agent is then provided with a four (4) digit, one time, daily access code from the scheduler. Upon arriving at the showing, the showing agent inputs the four (4) digit code into the soft, easy-to-read keypad and presses “enter”. The display screen will prompt them to “push and release” the key compartment door where the keys are stored.

Q:How does the prospect receive the code for access?

A:In the showing instructions, the listing agent would choose “CodeBox” as the lockbox in use for the listing. The access code is provided to the showing agent, either through the showing service, online scheduling, a scheduling office or your smartphone application.

Q:Where are the access codes generated?

A:The access codes are generated through our secure servers, which is either accessed through a showing service company or through our website at and is then provided to the “showing agent” for access.

Q:Can a prospect re-use the code to access the lockbox?

A:Once used, the code for access is only good for a two-hour window. The two-hour time begins when the CodeBox code is entered and the key-compartment door is opened to retrieve the keys. For example, the “selling agent” uses the four (4) digit code they were provided for a scheduled appointment for 1:00 pm, the code will expire at 3:01 pm on the same day. If the agent would like to re-enter the property after the showing window has expired, they must call for a new access code. This limitation of access is a security feature for your client giving them peace of mind that their home is secure.

Q:Can we limit when someone can show a property?

A:Absolutely. Specific guidelines should always be a part of the listing agents showing instructions, however, we offer a function on the actual CodeBox (#6 – Access) in which the listing agent can specify the allowed lockbox access timeframe. If a code is entered during a time in which showings are not allowed, the showing agent will receive an error and notification to contact the scheduler.

Q:How do you put the lockbox on and take it off a property?

A:As the listing agent, you create a personal shackle code for the lockbox. This shackle code is private to you. The shackle can only be released by you or your team when placing the CodeBox on your listing. The unique curvature of the shackle allows the box to work well on all doors and can also allow for the CodeBox to be attached most anywhere around a house. The rubber backing around both the shackle and the back of the box, prevent damage to the door handle and door.

Q:How does the CodeBox stay charged?

A:A standard 9-Volt Alkaline or Lithium battery charges the CodeBox.

Q:Do I have to send the CodeBox back to you to have the battery changed?

A:No. The internal battery compartment is accessible by you and the battery can be changed at any time. A low battery indicator will display on the screen to alert you to change the battery. There is also an external battery compartment which will charge the device, should the internal battery drain.

Q:Do I have to carry anything with me to open the box?

A:The code generated and provided to the showing agent is all that is needed. There is no longer a need to charge or sync any devices for access. A key card can also be easily lost or stolen and get into the wrong individuals hands. Our system is secure and dependable; a fantastic selling feature to your client.

Q:If there is a problem at the property and I want to know who entered, can I find that information on the CodeBox?

A:Yes. The CodeBox (#9 – History) feature will store the last forty (40) codes, dates and time of access. Also, the scheduler of the appointment, whether the showing service or through the CodeBox website, can generate a report if needed. The ability to access history information is easily accessible which offers peace of mind to your homeowner; another, secure, dependable selling feature to your client.

Q:Can I use my smart phone to open the CodeBox?

A:The ease of entering a four (4) digit code for access is what makes CodeBox so simple to use. No additional devices are needed to open the box. Your codes can be generated through your smart phone, but the access code must be entered into the CodeBox.

Q:Are there any additional fees associated with CodeBox?

A:There is a $1.25/mo per lockbox “code generation fee” charged to the registered owner of the CodeBox. This fee covers the code generation process through the showing service as well a the maintenance costs for the secure data base servers.

Q:Are there quantity sales discounts?

A:Absolutely. As with most products, the higher the quantity, price breaks may apply. Also, with the opportunity to provide CodeBox MLS wide, “code generation fee” discounts may also apply.

Q:If I need additional assistance for my CodeBox, who do I contact?

A:You can contact CodeBox either at our website or customer support at (888)507-8885.